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Apart from its own direct business, Genesis has forged successful outsourcing relationships with leading IT giants and CMM level 5 certified companies.

Genesis' project management & development team has excelled in terms of meeting end-user's expectations from the product while adhering to CMM 5 quality standards & milestone based deliverables of our principals right from SRS documentation to design, development, implementation & post-implementation support.

Our Project Management model :

To successfully execute any project, clearly defined project management techniques are followed.

Project Schedule

After finalizing the project scope, the project is decomposed into activities/tasks, summary tasks, etc forming the basic Work Break Structure (WBS) of the project. Each task/activity will have resource, duration or effort and sequence specified. The project schedule will be presented in a Gantt chart form.


Our cost management function begins with a proper cost budgeting, and resource planning. Once estimated and budgeted proper controls will be in place to measure and address cost changes and ultimately to bring the project to a completion within budget and on time.


The Quality Management System addresses the necessary requirements to develop quality products through quality processes.

Human Resource

We hire qualified, skilled employees at different levels of relevant skill sets. Apart from our regular team, project specific local hiring is done by us for deployment at site. Project Managers & Leaders head these professionals. PMs are responsible and accountable for executing the project on schedule and within budget. The project leaders directly report to the Project Manager, who have the ultimate authority and responsibility in making sure that each project is executed with precision, profit, and total customer satisfaction.


All task information is collected, documented and disseminated through regularly scheduled status meetings, progress reports, and other mechanisms. Communications process as demanded by project & client are designed accordingly.

Risk Analysis

At the earliest possible moment in the project an effort is made to identify various risks that are likely to affect the project, and document the characteristics of those risks to counter them effectively.

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